D day hot images. D-Day photos colourised 73 years after the landings | Daily Mail Online

D day hot images. D-Day photos colourised 73 years after the landings

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20 Powerful D-Day Photos On The 70th Anniversary Of The Invasion | HuffPost

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Only a handful of veterans, now in their 90s and beyond, survive to recall how it was to spill from steel-sided landing craft into chilly seas to advance neck-deep in water toward beaches enfiladed by German snipers and machine-guns, strewn with land mines and bodies and barbed wire. Or to spring into the night from low-flying aircraft to secure bridges inland. Photographs from the era of soldiers waiting their nervous turn with clenched jaws and flinty eyes seem to offer a definition of valor itself. After months of planning, deception and preparation, D-Day symbolized the moment when the Western Allies began to establish the bridgehead from which to begin their advance on Germany, even as the Soviet Red Army moved in from the East. The immediate purpose of this giant pincer movement was the liberation of Europe from Nazi domination. Normandy has made a modest industry of visitors and their pilgrimages to the markers of a make-or-break military campaign.