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The film opens on a rainy night and shows a small boy in a yellow raincoat walking through the dark woods. He comes upon a graveyard and the small boy is shown to be Tommy Jarvis Corey Feldman. Tommy witnesses two grave robbers trying to dig up mass murderer Jason Voorhees ' body, but before they can do so, Jason arises and murders both of the grave robbers, as Tommy watches in horror. Jason then stands up and begins to advance towards Tommy, who stares up at him in absolute fear, and as Jason raises a machete into the air ready to kill Tommy Actually, the cemetery sequence was all a dream and Tommy Jarvis John Shepherd , now 17, awakens from the nightmare in the back of a van. It has been several years since the events of Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter and Tommy has been shifted around to different mental institutions after, in self-defense, he killed mass murderer Jason Voorhees, who attacked his sister and murdered his mother five years earlier.