Bjork naked. Has Björk ever been nude?

Bjork naked. Björk Lies Naked On The Ground In Emotional “Black Lake” Video Trailer: Watch

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Björk Lies Naked On The Ground In Emotional "Black Lake" Video Trailer: Watch

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Topping their flesh-friendly made-to-go-viral contemporaries Flaming Lips , Yuck and El Guincho for seamy shock value, the Furs raise the question: has the largely unsupervised web helped usher in a golden age of nudity-laden online music videos? A short answer: maybe. But it helps to consider the long view. Looking at these clips from the pre-MTV moment to the dawn of YouTube, two things quickly become clear. Some of them might turn you on, some of them might make you cringe — but they're all probably best watched in the comfort of your own home. Back when music videos were still called "pop promos," Queen was ahead of the game, releasing short films with their singles as far back as