How to save twitter pics. Save a picture on Twitter without the 'Save As' command

How to save twitter pics. Save a picture on Twitter without the 'Save As' command

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How do I save an image from on a browser? - Web Applications Stack Exchange

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As a social media as well as a microblogging platform, I love Twitter than any other social media site and have been actively tweeting for 10 years now. Hence, I often find the need to download an image from Twitter to use it elsewhere or just save in the gallery to view later. The only concern is that images uploaded on social media sites are heavily compressed and resized, thus reducing their quality up to a certain extent. Generally, anyone can download the normal version of an image by simply right-clicking and saving it. To get a large version, you need to click on the image in the tweet and then save it. Open the normal version of the image in a new tab.