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Respect my relationship quotes. 50 respect quotes and sayings about life, love and relationships

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70 Respect Quotes - lovequotesmessages

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For instance, respect can be for your own self and it can be for others but once you have it in you, it stays until the person does something when he loses it all. Respecting our elderly has been a part of various cultures especially in India where we personify our homeland as a mother goddess and we have huge respect our homeland. In such a country, where people get sensitized about their homeland even when it is not a living entity, it is a matter of fact to have respect for each other and for themselves. Because ultimately, we are what we think and we become what we perceive and choose. Be it to have the guts to follow your dreams, be it the different path that one has opted to stand out of the crowd, it takes a lot of faith and determination to risk your life over something that can turn your world upside down. In the end, all that matters is what we think of ourselves as it is also one kind of respectful relationship that we need to have with ourselves. We can respect everyone, we can follow their path and we can learn from them but if we do not have faith in ourselves, we can not respect our choices and we can not follow the path of our choice.