The richest man of god in nigeria. Richest Men Of God In The World: 4 Are From Nigeria — Forbes

The richest man of god in nigeria. List of Nigerian billionaires by net worth

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The Five Richest Pastors In Nigeria | Africa Facts

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These days, millions of souls, desperate for financial breakthroughs, miracles and healing, all rush to the church for redemption. And while the bible expressly states that salvation is free, at times it comes with a cost: offerings, tithes, gifts to spiritual leaders, and a directive to buy literature and other products created by men of God. Take Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, for example. Many other Nigerian pastors are similarly building multi-million dollar empires from their churches. Today, pastors fly around in private jets, drive fancy cars like Daimlers, Porsches and BMWs, don Rolexes and Patek Phillipes, and own breathtaking mansions all over the world. After the blog post I wrote in May about Nigerian pastors owning private jets, I was bombarded with emails from readers requesting to know the richest pastors in Nigeria. Representatives for Pastor Ashimolowo did not respond to my emails.