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Barack Obama’s Mom Nude: See the pictures taken by Frank Marshall Davis – Overmanwarrior's Wisdom

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The shocking - and totally unfounded - claims made in the DVD represent a new low in the election dirty tricks war today provoking fury among Democrats and likely to trigger outrage in the White House. The film also alleges that Mr Obama's real father is left wing poet poet and Communist party activist Frank Marshall Davis, and that Ms Dunham's marriage was a 'sham' to cover this up. Scroll down for video. Accusations: An outrageous video is alleging that President Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, starred in pornographic photo shoots and that his real father is really Communist activist Frank Marshall Davis right. The extraordinary claims are the latest twist in the debunked 'birther' conspiracy which has raised questions over Mr Obama's past. It has even won the support of Alabama's Republican Party chairman Bill Armistead who has said: 'That the film is absolutely frightening.