Shakespeare sayings about love. 'Phrases coined by William Shakespeare.'

Shakespeare sayings about love. Top 20 William Shakespeare Love Quotes

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William Shakespeare quotes about love - Wikiquote

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He is responsible for " Romeo and Juliet " and " Sonnet 18 ," the greatest love story and poem ever written. Here are the top Shakespeare love quotes, from his plays and his memorable sonnet:. Act 1, Scene 1: The Duke addresses the court in his palace, comparing love to a beautiful tune being played by the court musicians:. This is the opening couplet of Bard's famous poem in which he compares his lover to a beautiful spring day—and finds her superior:. Act 3, Scene 1: Olivia, a countess, is talking to Viola, who has disguised herself as a man and inadvertently attracted Olivia's love:. Act 1, Scene 1: Romeo tells his cousin Benvolio about his love for an unnamed woman Juliet and how she has so far resisted his advances:.