Pics of british soldiers. 2,+ Free Soldier & Military Images - Pixabay

Pics of british soldiers. Photos of the British Army in Northern Ireland – 1969-1979

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Ww1 British Soldier Stock Photos & Ww1 British Soldier Stock Images - Alamy

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Pictures of Redcoats - Infantry Uniforms. What was their involvement in the American Revolutionary War? The Redcoats: The American Revolutionary War, the soldiers and the famous battles of the conflict Redcoats This article contains fast facts and information about the Redcoats. What did the uniforms of different Redcoats look like? Definition of Redcoats: The Redcoats refer to British soldiers, especially during the American Revolutionary War, who were so-called because of their red coats and uniforms that were worn by the majority of regiments. The common soldiers who made up the majority of British Redcoats had a hard life in the British army.