Winter olympics climate change. Winter Olympics Will Be Harder Due to Climate Change | Time

Winter olympics climate change. Climate Change Could Stop These 13 Cities From Hosting the Winter Olympics Again

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Winter Olympics Will Be Harder Due to Climate Change | Time

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The German sought to separate the challenges faced between finding hosts for the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. He suggested there had been a focus from ski resorts to prioritise investment in summer sports, rather than winter, due to the challenges posed by climate change. This was, partly, due to citizens acknowledging that there would be a reduction in snow over the next decade, according to Bach. Sion in Switzerland and an Austrian effort from Innsbruck withdrew from the race for the race after losing referendums. Sapporo in Japan opted to focus on a candidacy for , while the Turkish city Erzurum was cut by the IOC earlier this month. The candidacy from Sweden's capital Stockholm remains in the balance due to a lack of political support, while the Italian effort from Milan and Cortina D'Ampezzo still requires Federal Government backing. San Paolo Stadium hosts first day of athletics at Naples